high performance antenna systems

For a broad range of external and embedded antenna solutions, including consumer electronics, telecoms/MSOs, automotive, IoT, and enterprise.

high quality data signal cables

We provide high quality cords and connectors customized with every bit of details to meet your needs

assembly and special cables

Also at the core of what we do is wiring harness assembly and special cables for the automotive and military fields.

We strive to provide the highest quality products and quality services to our customers.

antenna technology

Our core value is designing and integrating high performance solutions to maximize your device throughput. From providing the right design solutions to testing and quality assurance of your final product.


We provide competitive wireless antenna designs that matches your product’s needs. We strictly follow all international and industry standards and combine that with your requirements to give you an edge over your competitors.

cable technology

HL offers world class testing services for your product. All of HL antennas are tested in our in-house industry standard testing chambers (Satimo, ETS, T-Put), realistic and residential environment

wireless networking solutions for any industry

HL provides a wide range of high performance and quality networking products

consumer electronics






Trusted by some of the best global companies

Our Antenna Technology Offers You

Diverse product range

We provide “one-stop” service simultaneously with supplying external signal cable , internal signal cable, power cord assembly, etc for customers

Realistic Prices

Our products and services are not only top notch, they are also priced aggressively to meet your needs

Superior Quality

We invest heavily in R&D to ensure that the quality of our products remains superior than our competition

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