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Our antenna experts are able to develop customized antenna systems that will fit seamlessly into your product or application.

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iSocket Systems


“HL Global is one of the exceptional companies I have ever worked with. Many well-known antenna providers offer off the shelf solutions that don't work or ask for prohibitively high NRE for R&D to develop a customized design. HL Global, on the other hand, designed a brand-new antenna with an entirely unique shape just for our smart plugs at an affordable price. Direct and easy communication with the company during the whole design process was also a huge advantage. These guys are a lucky find among antenna design companies.“

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R&D Engineering Team

“We co-worked with HL Global team on several projects. They provided us with customized antenna designs based on our requirements and helped us to reach optimum wireless performance of our products. Great technical support and on time service.”

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Senior Component Engineer

“HL Global provides excellent services and support.”

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Moritz Funk, Autoaid


“We are very happy partnering with HL Global for designing and producing the antenna in our latest project. Their exceptional expertise and innovative approach resulted in a very small antenna with outstanding signal strength and performance, exceeding our expectations.”

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Major OEM

Engineering Team Leader

“Working with HL Global on our dedicated embedded antenna system has been a game-changer for our CPE products. Their expertise and dedication to delivering high-performance solutions have exceeded our expectations. From start to finish, their team demonstrated exceptional professionalism and a deep understanding of our requirements, resulting in seamless integration and outstanding wireless performance. We highly recommend HL Global for their top-notch embedded antenna system design services.”

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Major OEM

Project Manager

“HL Global has truly revolutionized the embedded antenna system design landscape for CPE. Their innovative approach and cutting-edge technologies have propelled our products to new heights. With HL Global's expertise, we were able to achieve exceptional wireless performance, surpassing our competitors in the market. Their dedication to delivering tailored solutions and their commitment to customer satisfaction make HL Global the go-to company for anyone seeking superior embedded antenna system design.”

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IOT Company

R&D Manager

“HL Global is a true leader in the field of antennas for smart meters and IoT devices. Their unmatched expertise in designing antennas specifically for these applications has been instrumental in enhancing the connectivity and reliability of our products. With HL Global's commitment to innovation and customer-centric approach makes the company the top choice for anyone seeking exceptional antenna solutions for smart meters and IoT devices.”

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Broadband Provider

Technical Manager Manager

“It took us many years to finally find an invaluable partner in our pursuit of finding a proper OTA throughput measurement method in a real house environment. HL Global’s meticulous approach to conducting throughput measurements and analysis has provided us with invaluable insights into the performance of our products. With HL Global's expertise and advanced measurement techniques, we have been able to fine-tune our devices, ensuring exceptional throughput and seamless connectivity for our customers. Their dedication to delivering accurate and actionable results sets them apart as a trusted and reliable partner in the field of OTA throughput measurements.”


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Which antennas does HL Global offer?

We offer a wide range of embedded antennas for a variety of applications and wireless standards. Our products focus on applications involving WLAN, LTE/5G, ISM wireless standards in Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), and Internet of Things (IOT) applications. We have several off-the-shelf embedded antenna lines in our portfolio as well as embedded antenna technology demonstrators.

What services does HL Global provide?

We provide several services which can either be standalone or associated with our products or customized antenna design. Some of the services we offer are consultancy, passive antenna system measurements, Over-the-Air (OTA) throughput measurements for WiFi-enabled Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), as well as factory testing and manufacturing.

Can HL Global provide customized antenna design?

Yes, we do. We understand that antennas require customization to meet specification outlined in project requirements. Antenna performance is highly influenced by the environment in which it is placed. This is why it not possible to separate antenna design from its integration environment. Antennas must be designed having their target integration/application environment considered from the start. We specialize in designing customized antennas and antenna system solutions for Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and Internet of Things (IOT) devices.

How can I get a quotation?

Every one of our customers has different technical requirements for antennas or antenna systems such that each design eventually becomes unique. Hence, also quotations we provide are also unique and consider a variety of technical details or/and customization or a product. On long-term programs which require customized design we provide quotations at every milestone stage of the project. No matter whether we offer an off-the-shelf product or a customized design our pricing remains competitive.