Antenna Technologies

HL Global products have been approved by global telecom manufacturers and networking companies. Our antennas and cables are designed for use in wireless access points, routers, gateways, set-top boxes, smart meters, notebooks, smart TVs, IoT, automotive, and outdoor applications. We have a strong customer base including Aruba, Freebox, and Sagemcom, among other brands which use HL Global antenna solutions. We offer a vast range of product lines designed to maximize the performance of wireless devices while providing competitive cost.

At HL Global, we customize our antennas for specific products
  • High Performance and Competitive Cost
  • Customized Integration
  • Innovative Antenna Design
  • IP Protection
  • Global Technical Support
Advantages of HL Global Antennas
  • Integrated / Modular antenna design
  • Diverse Antenna Portfolio
  • Mass Production and High Quality

Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

Flexible PCB (FPC)

Laser Direct Structuring (LDS)

Near field Communication (NFC)

Smart & Switchable Antennas

Product categories

Explore our portfolio of embedded, external, active and smart antennas, as well as our cables & automotive wiring product range

we Provide Complete Antenna Solutions

We design custom antenna system solutions to maximize wireless performance of devices while providing competitive cost

Trusted by the biggest global companies

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