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Active antennas

As new electrical devices, such as smart phones and tablets, are being released every year, their size and functionality decrease and increase respectively. This causes a huge problem for antennas since the internal area decreases, frequency bands increase, and hence the wireless performance must increase. This is the exact reason why at HL, we invest so much of our time and effort on researching and designing into Active Antennas. Active Antennas includes aperture tuning and impedance tuning, which means the antenna can resonate to the required frequency for optimum system performance & MIMO performance on a smaller antenna size. It also includes SAR sensor to meet SAR test spec.

Aperture tuning & Impedance tuning
  • Antenna Resonant Frequency is changing due to external loading effects
  • Dual directional coupler is used to monitor the change in reflection coefficient
  • Tuner is used to change the antenna resonant frequency back to where it should be for optimum system performance; variable match is used to improve the power transfer between the RF front end and antenna


Antenna Information
Tunable Antenna Design for 617MHz (Band 71)
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