Embedded Antennas

Stamped Metal Antennas

Embedded stamped metal antennas offer a multitude of applications and advantages in the realm of wireless communication. Their compact and thin design makes them an excellent choice for space-constrained devices, such as Internet of Things (IOT) and consumer electronics devices (e.g. security cameras and TV sets).

The stamped metal construction allows for precise tuning and optimization of the antenna's performance characteristics, ensuring high wireless performance of a system. These antennas can be seamlessly integrated into device casings, reducing the need for additional external components. Their durability and resistance to environmental factors make them suitable for outdoor applications, like IoT devices and automotive systems.

With the ability to tailor the shape and dimensions to specific requirements, embedded stamped metal antennas provide a cost-effective solution that maintains optimal wireless connectivity and contributes to sleek and functional product designs.

HLGlobal Corp

Customized Antennas

Unable to find the exact antenna you need for your solution and application?

We understand that embedded antennas need a lot of customization and often even a completely new design. Embedded antennas in our portfolio are examples of our capabilities. HL Global provides comprehensive antenna design customization and optimization to meet customer expectations and requirements. We work with world leading OEMs/ODMs and develop tailored antenna system designs supporting LTE/5G/WiFi and other wireless standards.