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HL Global provides high-volume mass production of antennas and cable assemblies. We manufacture different types of antennas like cable-fed, off-board PCB antennas, stamped metal antennas, “blade-type” PCB antennas, SMT PCB antennas, LDS antennas, Flexible PCB (FPCB) antennas and more. Apart from antenna we also support production and assembly of complex antenna system featuring, e.g. plastic supports (and holders), as well as metallic components, etc.

Our manufacturing facilities are distributed between China and Vietnam providing redundancy and increased manufacturing capacity. The production processes we use feature high degree of automation resulting in high-quality products. Apart from antennas and antenna system we also manufacture B2B RF coax cables.

HLGlobal Corp

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How will you benefit from this service?

  • You will have access to our high-quality and high-volume manufacturing capabilities
  • We ensure that all our products are tested before being shipped out
  • We manufacture a wide range of different types of antennas and B2B coax cables